Why Scentsy?

Interested in joining Scentsy, but wondering what kind of support you’ll get?
That’s easy.  You just let me know.  I can call you, email you, do zoom meetings with you weekly, once a month, or I can completely leave you alone until you need me.  Either way works for me, but it’s what works best for you.
I have conducted home parties, online parties, vendor events and one-on-one sessions, and can offer suggestions and feedback for your experiences.
What “demands” do I have of my team?
Just one.  Please be honest with me.  I will be 100% honest with you on anything you approach me with, and I just ask that you reciprocate the same to me.  I work hard for my business, but I am a “all in or stay on the shore” type girl.  And I want to make sure my teammates have every resource available that they need to run their businesses the way they want to.  And I firmly believe that there is a solution to every problem that can arise, we just need to put our heads together and find it.
Well, I guess I have one more for you: HAVE FUN!  Scentsy is a very fun business!  Building relationships is fun, sharing great product is fun, and sharing the great opportunity is fun!  And this is what I demand of my team.
What makes me a good fit for you as your sponsor?
I absolutely believe that success in the beginning of your business is a good relationship between sponsor and recruit.  Otherwise, it could take some time for the recruit to find leadership that they’re looking for.
With that being said, I firmly believe in helping my recruits through their set up process and their first week as a consultant to get used to the their new routine (because, let’s face it, starting a business is a huge boat rocker).  I like to keep in contact with each one quite a bit, so that I know that you are getting the best experience as a business owner.
Like I said, I am very flexible with how you want to run your business, and here are some ways that I am available for you:
– Weekly team meetings: Staying connected with each other give us all increased wisdom.  Maybe there’s something that you’ve done that works really well and it could work really well for another teammate.  These meetings will be conducted and recorded on zoom, so we can refer back to the meetings if need be.
– Team pages: There are plenty of team pages available on Facebook.  When you join my team, I will add you our team pages.
– Recognition: Team recognition is very important.  I love to send teammates, customers and more with random and not-so-random recognition, thank you’s, and little gifts in the mail.
With all these at your disposal, I am also, always only a phone call, text, email or message away. Contact me anytime.
What do I get from joining Scentsy?


Benefits of starting a business as a Scentsy Consultant:

  • Sell an affordable, consumable product
  • Initial 20% commission goes up to 25% after initial $1000 in sales
  • Web site/store and customer newsletter available for $10/month
  • Additional bonuses and earnings for team sales

Are there any requirements?

  • Purchase a $99 starter kit ($119 in Canada)
  • To remain a Scentsy Fragrance Consultant, a Consultant needs 200 or more points in PRV in at least one calendar-month within a contiguous three-month period.

For just $99 US/$119 CAD, Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business-and I will be there to help you on every step of the way.

Scentsy also offers monthly specials for new businesses from time to time.  Check in with me to see if there are any specials running this month!