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Family.  What can I say?  We’re quirky, love to joke, play games, and yes, even sometimes fight or argue.  At the end of every day, I can only thank God for the gifts he has lavished me with that I get to call family.  We haven’t always been a close family; in fact, before we started to homeschool, I didn’t know much about our boys.  I mean, personally know things about our boys.  I knew their favorite foods, and their favorite colors, what they liked to wear to school, books they liked to read and things like that.  But, now I have had the opportunity to really know things like what are their fears?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  What do they think about the world, the US, North Dakota, our town?  It’s been so amazing watching them grow intellectually, logically, emotionally and physically (seriously.. Logan is 12 and wears size 14 men’s shoe!).img_3359

So here is a picture of my treasured family.  This picture is from 2015, we haven’t gotten in to get new pictures taken.  My beautiful and highly-gifted friend Rachel took our family pictures, doesn’t she do an amazing job?

And a couple of random pictures of the boys’ school year this year.  Morgan is in the CDCC Bel Canto Choir (Central Dakota Children’s Choir) and loves to sing.  And Logan is so ready for football to start this fall.  In the mean time, he’s enjoying his time reading, and forming a business plan to make enough money to create his image of his “bro cave”.  I’ll keep you updated on his vision.

5-2-17 update: So, Logan has been working toward his goal of his bro cave… and while he’s been able to buy the video games that are allowed in the house, he is slowly learning the painful meaning of “saving up for a big purchase”.  He has since decided that he wants to be paid only once a month, that way his money will build up more.  He always has solutions to issues!


I had the pleasure of working with this guy at one of our vendor shows this past weekend.  It was so much fun watching him talk and interact with everyone.18119536_10155686130473465_5010028469411120963_nAS a grownup, I am often very shy when it comes to sharing.  I always think that I am interrupting, and possibly even annoying people when they come to my booth.  So usually, I say, “Hi, how’s it going?  Are you looking for anything in particular?”  And unless they help continue the conversation, I usually freeze and shut down.  But watching this young man; wow, he had passion, belief, and just an honest opinion about the products and the scents.  He was a great teacher for me that night as I watched him fearlessly interact and create relationships with people.  He was even boldly asking everyone he talked to if they would like to sign up for my newsletter and monthly samples.  It’s amazing the amount of lessons one grownup can learn from a child.  Thank God for children!

I love summer.  A time when I finally (usually) don’t have to wear a sweatshirt lol!  We took our first camping trip on June 16, 2017.  The boys had a blast!  They spent most of the time fishing, and growing together as a family.  And Logan got to teach us all about these weird type of wasps that lay eggs in trees with a 4″ needle like thing on their butts.  And that needle thing sticks into the tree and when the larvae hatch, they eat the bugs in the tree.  It was a great lesson Logan taught.  He loves learning about every animal, insect, creepy-crawly thing on earth.


Wow the rest of last year flew by! I barely blinked and it was New Year’s Eve. Since my last update, I’ve been able to shift both boys back into public school. Logan actually doesn’t start until the 16th, but the fact that our chapter as a homeschool family is over, I can’t help but reflect on it. It was a LOT of work, both sides of the line: me trying to teach and the boys learning. But as each basketball season started, each kid made the decision to go back to public school.

I’ve learned a lot from our homeschool chapter, one being I need to actually know the material I’m trying to teach haha! And that a close family not only shares joys, but we also had our share of fits. And watching these two transition from a child that obeyed and listened to everything, to a teen and understanding the reason behind our decisions and even being able to state their position without a screaming match has been a very treasured memory.

It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we got to experience it as a family, but I’m also relieved that this chapter is done. Teen years are extremely important in learning how to transition into an adult and do deal with peers and handle stress and frustration. So I’m grateful my boys had the intuition and initiative to sit down and tell us they want to go back to school.

So what will I do with my extra time now that I won’t be homeschooling? Working Scentsy, and our oil and gas business as usual, but I picked up my bow and joined an archery club with Danny, so we will be spending more time together perfecting archery.


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