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It’s been a while….

Okay, so everyone who has looked my blog obviously knows I have no clue what I’m doing.  So, I started out wanting to combine my family life with my business, and it ended up being all about business…. because I’m not sure where to draw the line on personal.  So here it goes:

My name is Billie, I live in North Dakota.  I’m married to an amazing husband of 14 years, and I have two boys and an American Bulldog.  I love my life to the fullest; I’ve created a life that I NEVER want to take a vacation from.

Church life is huge to me.  Now, wait before you think I’m religious 🙂 I love God.  I love how God loves, I love how he draws people in, and I love the real, living relationship that I have with him.  I love to love on people, whether they’re broken, hurting, lost, confused, or just need to vent.  I love knowing that at the end of a conversation, people feel encouraged, focused, energized, but most importantly… they feel loved.  Without God, I am not that person; but with God, I am a shoulder to cry on, a high five for achievements, an encouraging word when needed, and a light in the darkness.

And that’s why I am a Scentsy Consultant.  God kept putting direct sales business opportunities under my nose, which I’ve bought into a couple of them; but Scentsy is the one that has helped me grow with God in areas I didn’t even know existed.  And Scentsy pushes me out of my squishy, comfy box (aka my coffin of comfort) and gets me out to meet new and old friends, all wonderful people in their own walks of life, and I get to share memories and smiles with them every time they open a scent, or every time a warmer catches their eye.

Besides working as a Scentsy Consultant, my husband and I own a brokerage firm for oil and gas companies.  Right now, we work with one company signing well locations, another company for title updates, and I also work with a law firm and do their title as well.  I am also starting an apprenticeship at my church where I will learn the ins and outs of running a church behind the scenes.  I’m excited for this because: 1) I’m lame enough to love paperwork and details, 2) I want to do my part in nurturing God’s family.

And in my spare time (haha!) I co-lead an dicipleship group at church.  It’s a 10 month family building, faith growing, armor bearing course that teaches me more and more every year.  But my greatest privilege is watching those in the group grow into their calling and walk through that door God has opened full of confidence in him.

My boys love to play basketball.  They just transferred back to public school after being homeschooled for two years.  They’re having a great time getting to know friends and understanding what the pecking order is in middle school.  Needless to say, we wrestle with bullying, remembering who we are in God, and starting out each day with a positive outlook.  My oldest struggles the most with bullying.  He tried to keep it all locked up inside, but one day he came to my husband and I and let it all out, crying, yelling, venting.  And now, thankfully, he is more open with us and he knows without a doubt that we are there for him always.  Our youngest seems to get a long with everyone and is absolutely loving public school days.

So that’s a little about my life….. I’m not sure what else to write on.


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