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Why, Hello Spring!

One thing I absolutely love about winter… is that spring follows!  And with spring comes new things: new flowers, hopefully more grass growth (poor soil here LOL), new seeds to plant, and of course…. New Scentsy!

Brand New Catalog! Oh my gosh.  That about sums up my response to the new catalog and I think it will be your response too!  I have catalogs here at my house, and would love to send you a catalog.  But you have to call/text/email me and let me know that you want one.  I have spent HOURS drooling over quite a few items in this catalog, LOL!

Sugar & Shimmer are back! Since these two scents were so aggressively voted for in BBMB, Scentsy has decided to bring these two scents back as line items in bars, room sprays, car bars, and the best part…. They’re also in the body line!  Hand cream, body cream, fragrance rollers, body wash!

Join the Family Dreams: March is the rollout of the brand-new catalog, so what better time to join than with fresh product?!? Join the team today and see what Scentsy can do in your life.  Questions?  I’m always available.  Text, call, message me on Facebook, the lines are all open, and I would love to help you find your passion in owning your own business.

Lastly, feel free to connect with me on the following platforms:

Facebook Fan Page – Independent Scentsy Consultant – Billie Jo Lukes

VIP Group – Wickless Wax VIP (ask for an invite & get all the know-abouts before they’re public!)

Website – http://blukes.scentsy.us

Text/Call me – 701-204-1756

Hello SpringWarmer of the Month – Hello Spring – $40.50 – Spring is on its way!  And this warmer will help you roll out the red carpet with watercolor-inspired artwork and a serene, sunny glow.  25w



Scent of the Month – Spring Forward – If sunshine had a scent, it would be this burst of Italian bergamot, raspberry jam and cedarwood.


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