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New Year Happiness

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Dang, where did 2017 go??? I am so humbled to be able to ring in the New Year with you, and share Scentsy’s amazing products with you.

BBMB: BBMB is here!  For the whole month of January (which may fly by as quickly as 2017 did!) you have unlimited access to 25 scents that have come back!  What’s your favorite?  Mandarin Moon?  Fuzzy Blanket?  Eucalyptus? Check out all of them here!

Double Host Rewards: With a qualifying party order, you can earn DOUBLE the host rewards.  What’s so awesome about that?  For only a $200 party order, you can get a diffuser at ½ price (needs two ½ items to get ½ off)!!!  A qualifying order can be as simple as you ordering for the year, or telling your friends you’re putting an order in and seeing if they need anything.  Or we can have some fun and do the whole shebang.  The rewards go up according to the host outline.

Join the Family Dreams: New year, new business!  Start your own business for yourself as a New Year Resolution, what have you got to lose?  Questions?  Get a hold of me today and let’s chat!  I’d love to help your family dreams become reality!

Lastly, feel free to connect with me on the following platforms:

Facebook Fan Page – Independent Scentsy Consultant – Billie Jo Lukes

VIP Group – Wickless Wax VIP (ask for an invite & get the red carpet treatment!)



Warmer of the Month  – Star Dance – Features an internal multipoint light sources – viewed through holographic film – to create a twinkling, 3D starry night effect that’s positively galactic.  Accented with a rose-gold metallic finish.


Scent of the Month – Vanilla Mint – Wintergreen frost sparkles over vanilla and frozen citrus.


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