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July sun and Fun!

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by.  It seems just yesterday home school was over for the summer and August seemed so far away.  And then you blink and your 12 year old son is only 4″ shorter than you and your 11 year old must have shot up over a foot in the last month!  LOL, I’m so glad that Scentsy has given me the opportunity to run a business while staying home with my children and teaching them great things in life.


Anyway, July has some pretty awesome things happening!  The sandcastle warmer is so pretty and mesmerizing.  It truly reminds me of the amazing sand castle constructions that people make on their day at the beach.  The scent, Pristine Waters, to me smells like a soft cologne that would fit just about any guy.


But my most favorite part of July is that it is Scentsy’s 13th birthday!  Happy birthday Scentsy!  And in the month of July, you can receive a FREE Darling warmer when you join the Scentsy family.  So, not one, but two warmers come to you in July when you join the fun! This Darling warmer is so beautiful in person.  And you can switch the inserts out, so you can have either blue or purple in there.   Are you ready to join the fun??


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