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La Habana! – Take me away

cabana collection - bjl Scentsy is so amazing.  I know I say this a lot, but they truly are!  These five new scents were just launched yesterday!  And I am so excited to get them in my home and warm them!

What better way to get us ready for summer than for Scentsy to create an EXCLUSIVE collection that whisks us away to Havana, Cuba!?!  And when you purchase the bundle, they come to you in a burlap sack!

So how do the scents sound??  Amazing, right?!?

  1. Cafe Cubano – Share your secrets and uncover new mysteries behind a backdrop of roasted coffee, exotic almond flower and sandalwood.

What I think – mmmmmm….. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!  You had me at coffee and almond.

2. Flor de Mariposa – Stumble onto a secluded garden and make it yours with romantic jasmine roused by juicy grapefruit and white plum.

What I think – A garden full of yumminess (yes, that’s a word!) to be able to get lost in a garden wall for a whole beautiful day….

3. Habana Vieja – Step inside history and take a stroll through bustling streets redolent with tobacco flower, amber and vanilla.

What I think – I’ve never smelled tobacco flower before, but I can only imagine a crisp, sweet, smell that I am excited to experience!

4. Pastelitos – Stop for a treat on the way to somewhere magical with luscious pineapple, lime and a splash of dark rum.

What I think – You had me at lime and dark rum.  I love those smells…

5. Playa De Varadero – Find a new perspective where the sand meets the sea, on a sweet tide of sugarcane, bergamot zest and fresh Havana lily.

What I think – Again, I am so excited for this scent!  I’ve never been to a beach before, so I am so excited to get this scent and try it out.

If I could do videos on my blog, I would take a video on Tuesday to share with you the wonderful scents.  But, since I can’t, you are more than welcome to connect with me in my VIP group on Facebook, where I will be doing a live scent smelling video when they come in.  You don’t want to miss it! I’ll smell them, my kids smell them, my husband will smell them, even my dog will stick his head in the Scentsy box 🙂 Scentsy is truly a family business.  We all get excited when UPS stops at our door.  I love how this company has brought us all even closer together, even if for five minutes, while we crowd around a Scentsy box and anticipate the experience together.


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