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Oh my goodness.  So the first 10 days of May have flown by so fast.  I’ve been busy with not only Scentsy goals (I have big goals for May), but also our oil and gas work, our youngest son’s choir practices and performances, church classes, and homeschool, and I have dropped the ball in getting my May overhead blog completed.  So thank you for your patience while I try to get a handle on the situation 🙂  So, with that, let me share all the cool things going on!

I got to have my first journey-sharing conversation this month.  It scared me so bad, but I did make it out alive (haha!) .  And now of course I feel as though that person is trying to avoid me at all costs.  And that’s not the issue at all, it’s just my perception, because I have this tendency to think I am annoying people and that I am not worth the time they took out of their life.  I know, in my heart, that this is not true, but gol-darn these dang thoughts that run ragged through my mind.

BBMB - JUNE 2017

So… Bring Back My Bar is happening in June!  But, if your absolutely, most favorite scent is on this list and you want to make sure you stock up on it ASAP, then you are more than welcome to connect with me and I get put your needs on my pre-order list.


18301083_1663218633986587_4773097834923867342_nSo, my big goals for May?  Oh, it’s amazing.  So Scentsy has this amazing warmer that is exclusive to new consultants that reach certain levels in their first 70 days of beginning their journey.  BUT… since so many consultants have been voicing their wants of this fantastic warmer, we get to “re-start” our business and I have until July 9th to make my goal and earn this amazing warmer.

So, the May warmer of the month is the qwerty typewriter.  Isn’t it cute!?!?!  I absolutely LOVE this warmer; my favorite toy growing up was a typewriter.  That’s when I “decided” that I was going to be a secretary and a lawyer.  And a teacher, lol!

And the scent is Cambridge… mmmm… smells like a cologne, but very smooth.  I have a monthly sample goody mail list that you can join in on.  Every month you get a short newsletter and a sample of the scent of the month.  Just connect with me, and I’ll get your sample in the mail.

If you think that Scentsy might be something that fits you, connect with me.  We can chat, “meet” each other, and see if it’s the right fit for you.  I wouldn’t want anyone to join in the journey if this is not something for you.

If you want to connect more, you are more than welcome to like and follow my Fan Page on Facebook.  I would love to get to know you more.


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