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Do you have a mom? Say “I love you”

SAY I LOVE YOU TO MOMCelebrating moms is always a favorite of mine.  It doesn’t even have to be my mom.  A friend who is a mom, a friend’s mom, and so on and so forth.  It may be because I am a mom myself, but celebrating a person who has raised God’s beautiful gifts and taught them everything they needed to know to be another beautiful, loving person and make the world sparkle with their light.

What are your thoughts on special touches for celebrating moms?  A beautiful hand-written card? With some flowers, maybe?  Well, how about that beautiful card with something that won’t wither and die?  How about a Scentsy Fragrance system that delivers beautiful, sweet-smelling scents throughout her whole house?  With Mother’s Day around the corner, why not get something that lasts?  And she can change scents?

Here are some specials:

1) Daisy Lantern Bundle – $50 USD

r1daisylanternbundleThis bundle includes the Daisy Lantern warmer (valued at $50 itself) and 3 Scentsy bars: French Lavender, Lilacs & Violets and Flower Child.  That’s 3 bars for free!






2) Pretty Bird Bundle – $35 USD

r1prettybirdbundleThis bundle includes the Pretty Bird warmer (valued at $35) and 3 Scentsy bars: Luna, Lucky in Love and My Only Sunshine.  Great deal!  Again, 3 bars for free!





If a warmer and bars are not what you have in mind, perhaps our Skin line is what you’re looking for:

3) Fresh & Clean – $22 USD

r1freshandcleanbundle16This bundle is available in Skin Fragrance No. 16 (creamy coconut, sheer freesia and silver driftwood) and No. 34 (candied violet, pink orchid and Chantilly cream).  In this bundle, you get a Moisturizing Body Bar* and a Fine Fragrance Roller.




4) Love No. 45 bundle – $30 USD

r1lovebundle45This bundle No. 45 is an exclusive scent only for this Mother’s Day!  It is not offered in our Spring/Summer Catalog.  In this bundle you will receive a Fine Fragrance Roller, a Whipped Body Soufflé and a Moisturizing Body Bar*.

*Moisturizing body bar is exclusive to Mother’s Day promotions and are not listed in our Spring/Summer 2017 catalog.


5) Fine Fragrance Roller Collection – $15 USD

32852rollerball5packpwsfw15With this bundle you will receive FIVE 3Ml bottles of fragrance – one in each skin fragrance:

No. 09 – Crushed pineapple, coconut milk and exotic vanilla.

No. 27 – Mandarin nectar, velvet rose and white amber (Exclusive to Mother’s Day promotion).

No. 34 – Candied violet, pink orchid and Chantilly cream.

No. 45 – Lemon sugar, wild poppy and Tonka bean (Exclusive to Mother’s Day promotion).

No. 82 – white peach, white magnolia and white amber.

Ready to shop?  Click here.  Questions?  Contact me and I can help!


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