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April showers are here! I love the beginnings of spring, when everything starts to green  up, such a beautiful time of year.

April brings in a new scent and a new warmer showcased for the month, and Scentsy has done it again!  They put out an amazing product for their very special customers:

File Mar 20, 3 32 41 PMThe beautiful Entwine warmer is on sale for the month of April, 10% off at $36.  And the best part is, you can choose between a teal or a purple insert.  Both are so pretty.  And if you already own the Darling warmer from our spring/summer catalog, you can switch the inserts out between both sets of warmers.

The Scent of the Month is called Ivy & Water Lilly.  It is described as a mixture of Mandarin zest, rain-kissed jasmine & sheer amber beneath fresh dew drops.  And between quite a few other consultants I know, we all are reminded of our mother’s or grandmother’s perfume; my mom wears Rapture, another consultant’s mom wore Touch.  In the end, we all agreed it was an amazing scent that brings back memories 🙂

Voting for Bring Back My Bar is returning and you are all invited to vote your favorite scent back for one month only!  Voting restrictions are: one vote of 6 choices per day from  April 1-15.  So many amazing scents listed to vote on!

File Mar 29, 9 08 26 PMPouch parties!  Want to have a stress-free party and just share the spring/summer products with a couple of your friends and earn free and ½-price product without the traditional party setting?  I have 3 available pouch party bags to send out for your fun and convenience!  How does your April calendar look for you?  Click here to get your pouch party started!




SOTM CLUBDo you want the new scent of the month delivered to you without hassle?  Join my Scent of the Month club!  I have 6 spots available from April – September.  Let me know if you would like to join!



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