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Enchant Diffuser

Enchant Shade – I think I’ve found my new favorite diffuser shade.  The enchant diffuser is beautiful both on and off.

Scentsy diffusers are ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers.  This means there is a small ceramic disk in the water reservoir that vibrates at high frequencies to break the water and oil down into really tiny particles which are then disperse into the air.

Our diffusers use cold-mist technology and there is no heating element, so they do not get hot.  And, no special type of water needed, plain tap water works!

Our diffusers also come with a lifetime warranty.  So if at any time your diffuser stops working (lights, diffusing) you would call into our warranty center and they will take care of the rest.

Want to purchase more than two shades for your diffuser?  Go for it!  Your first diffuser comes with a shade of your choice, and each shade can be purchased separately and used on the same base.

The best part about our diffusers, I think, is that you can use any type of essential oil in them without voiding your warranty!  Yes! Our essential oils have no medical claims, they are purely for fragrance.  So if you love Young Living Essential Oils, or GoDesena or DoTerra, you are more than welcome to use their oils in our diffusers.  I use all three of their oils variously.

Want to check them out?  Click here.


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