Welcome to Family Dreams. Where it starts with the little things.

A quick “hello”, a conversation, becoming friends and eventually family members.  I love to meet new people, for whatever reason.  It can be just as friends, it can be strictly for business; but every relationship leads to family.  Here you will learn all about my family: home family and business family.

So what can I offer you as a friend?  I can offer friendship, support, encouragement, and love, just as Jesus tells us to do in the Bible.

What can I offer you as a business owner?  I offer you training, ideas, a friend to bounce your ideas off of, encouragement, support, a person you can come to with any business questions, and if I don’t have an answer, I will help you find the answer.

Fill in the blank: Life is crazy!  The kids need so much right now.  Work is too busy.  I have that big               coming up.  Maybe I’ll think about it next month….

But all it takes is one good reason to seal the deal.  What is it that you are looking for?  A new business career, some extra spending money, a way to meet new friends?

Whether you’re here looking for any of those things mentioned above, or just interested in finding out more about Scentsy and want to host a party, you can check it all out here, or even connect with me.

The direct sales businesses are perfect for everyone because the companies are set up to follow the flow of your own life, you can use it to make a commission off your personal purchases, or you can build your business to replace your income that you are making at the job you just do not enjoy anymore.  Or maybe you are like me, and love learning and new challenges, so you add Scentsy to your resume along with your current positions.

This website is filled with Scentsy business opportunity information, current sales and tips, learning to grow personally and professionally, a scrapbook of my Scentsy journey and a scrapbook of my personal life.  Because this is all a part of who I am: home-school, home-business, home-life.  Scentsy is as much a part of my family as it is a part of me, and that is the most rewarding aspect of owning my Scentsy business.